Installing Solar PV panels is an important investment that will allow you to offset energy prices and also mitigate the environmental impact that generating electricity by fossil fuels causes. Installing Solar PV panels will allow you to generate your own electricity by capturing energy from the sun. The PV cells will convert daylight into electricity, even on a cloudy day, which will be used within your home or business. They are designed to be virtually maintenance free and will start to generate electricty from the first day that they are connected. Installing Solar PV panels will entitle you to ROC (Renewable Obligation Certificate) payments and so not only do you benefit financially from the free electricity, which you generate, but you are also rewarded via ROC payments. The ROC scheme will pay you for every unit of electricity that you generate. This will be paid to you yearly. The value of the ROC is subject to change but the value of the ROC at the time you start generating electricity from your Solar PV panels is what you are entitled to for 20 years. You will also be paid for any excess electricity that you export to the grid. The following example shows the potential savings you could make. This is based on a 4KW system. Please note that the value of ROC payments are subject to change and the following example is an estimate only. Daylight hours (per year) Units of electricity generated ROC value  Total 858hrs x 4KW 3432    12.20p £418.70 Export 45% of generated   £61.79 electricity (4p per KW) Total payment to you £480.49 What you will save on your current electricity costs 3432 x NIE Price of 17p per KW Savings £583.44 Overall financial benefit to you based on payments and savings                                          £1063.93
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